Denice Palanuk Wilson - Original Artwork
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W a t e r c o l o r s

"Art is a spontaneous expression for me... the quicker I get my idea and paint on the paper the better. If I spend too much time planning a piece, it gives the cats and dog more time to walk on it."
- Denice Palanuk Wilson

A Northwest artist, Denice has a background in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Oregon State University, supplemented by art classes from Portland NW College of Art and independent study.

Traveling throughout the United States and Europe has given her the insight to create paintings that reflect the beauty and romance of old world images. She studied Art History and Old World artists and their techniques by volunteering and teaching Art Literacy for 8 years in the Tigard School system when her son, Evan was in school. Currently, she paints in acrylic and watercolor and will consider commission pieces by appointment.

Denice's prints can purchased at the following sites:
Gango Editions
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